While most of us need little urging to get out of the office, over one-third of workers never use all their time off. As this article notes, “Lean staffing, always-on technology, demanding clients and a hypercompetitive business environment make it tough to get away.” Even when employees do get away, many – particularly managers – stay plugged in to the office via phone, email or intranet.

Progressive employers know that productivity and morale can suffer if employees fail to take enough time off to recharge and gain fresh insight and perspective. These employers are beginning to take action to ensure that all the company’s workers achieve a better work/life balance. The author applauds efforts like those at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where “vacation police” prod employees to schedule true work-free breaks. They show their seriousness by including a new work/life balance score in managers’ performance reviews. Departing employees are told to relax, have fun and leave their cell phones and Blackberry’s behind.

Source: Barbara Rose, Seattle Times; Aug 14, 2005

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