The path to creativity seems to be as much about your perspective as your reality. Some people can develop amazing ideas while huddled around the kitchen table. Others cannot.

Author RaeAnn Fera explores some basic principles to help achieve a higher level of creativity at work in her article 6 Desk Tweaks to Change the Way you Work and Maximize Your Creativity. She notes, “Even the perfect desk can fall short. Cafés are a popular destination for many as an alternative, as is occasionally working from home, but taking the notion of a flexible work environment to new levels can be truly inspiring.”

Finding an environment that is conducive to your workload needs as well as being creatively stimulating will allow you to adjust and respond to demands faster, leaving more mental room for your next big idea.

Once you understand the factors that affect your mood, such as your worksurface appearance, lighting, and noise levels, take steps to change what you can, without creating an over stimulating space.

If you have the freedom to create a unique space, assess your workspace in terms of adjustability or flexibility. Is the workspace responsive based on workload needs? How much effort do you expend accommodating your needs? And are there tools available in case you need quiet time? Often with self-developed spaces, flexibility is favored over boundaries. If audio / physical / workload boundaries are not inherent, add a whiteboard to your environment as a way to communicate protocols; even if it is something you should remember to do yourself.

If you spend most of your time in a fixed space, such as a cubicle, assess your workspace in terms of personalization and second-space options. So, the addition of a plant or personal items to help bring color and personality to the space could add a touch of inspiration. Or, consider spending periods of time in a second-space that feels more stimulating. You will bring that feeling back with you when you return to your regular workspace.

Read RaeAnn’s article for details on six particular factors that will get your creative juices flowing.

Source: RaeAnn Fera | 6 Desk Tweaks to Change the Way You Work and Maximize Your Creativity | January 14, 2014 | FastCo

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