The Millennial generation [now approximately ages 8-27] is the first generation to grow up with technology fully integrated into their lives, from cell phones, computers and the Internet to My Space and Facebook and videogames. This article expects computerized clothing to be the next step in making computers and other electronic devices portable without strapping things to our body or filling our pockets with gadgets. In Europe, notes the author, Levi is already testing marketing musical jackets developed by MIT Media Lab, with IBM, Philips, Nike and SensaTex close on their heels.

Cutting-edge millennials can have sensors in their homes to collect data and network to other data sources to regulate light, temperature, audio, video and home security. The article extrapolates current technological trends into the future where by 2059 there may well be such things as self-healing computer systems, self-driving cars, bionic implants and intelligent fabrics. It also describes what classrooms and technologies will be available for a future world of constant learning, including holographic walk-through simulations, interactive mirrors, virtual reality rooms and avatar professors.

Source: Martin Nikirk, Techniques (Alexandira); May, 2009

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