Work stress is one of the biggest contributors of employee illnesses. Tight deadlines, long hours spent at the desk, pleasing clients and bosses… yes, the list that causes anxiety is endless. Stress can be responsible for extreme hair loss to high blood pressure to cardiac arrests.

Here are a few tips to detect and alleviate stress while at work:

Know what stresses you out, manage it correctly. Recognize the signals that lead you to experience your highest caliber of stress.

Get out of your chair. Moving around and doing something else can actually be relaxing.

Walk around and exercise. If you don’t have time to work out, get out of your office outside and take a 30-minute walk during your break.

Learn to meet challenges with humor. Laughter is the best medicine. So enjoy a joke once in a while.

Strategize your to-do list. A manageable list will actually make you breathe easier.

Wake up earlier. Starting your day even 30 minutes earlier can make all the difference. Read a newspaper, watch the birds while sipping coffee…use that time to do something you’ve always wanted to do before heading out to work.

Pat yourself on the back, even if no one else does. Only you can motivate yourself and be your best cheerleader.

Quote of the day (or week). Get a dry-erase board and write something that motivates you and re-read it throughout your day.

Join an association. A networking group where you can discuss what’s going on at work and in your life will alleviate some of that built up stress.

Cry. It’s OK to be emotional. It means you have passion and care about what you’re doing.

Source: Tom Gimbel | Managing Stress In The Workplace | 22 April, 2013 |

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