The Power and Potential of Platforms and PathwaysThis article discusses how the workspace today has evolved to develop new workstyles and working relationships thanks to enlightened management practices, mobile technology, furniture and equipment design. Experiential design is key to tapping into the potential of the current generation of employees. The worker of today now looks for positive experiences at his/her workspace.

The author believes that more successful corporations are moving away from the old hierarchical management model towards a teamwork format. Bosses are shifting from the old style of measuring the performance of their place and people, and instead, tapping into their employees potential supported by the right kinds of space and tools.

The workspace is now instrumental in creating a positive and effective environment for the worker. By using experiential smart platforms and pathways can be created. Platforms are the foundations that provide the experiences that enable teams to be effective, to spawn new teams, and to create and capitalize on rich connections between them. Pathways are the channels through which people participate in and contribute to flows of knowledge.

This experiential quality is flexible, dynamic, evolutionary and exciting—it never gets staid. The author concludes that the old institutional way of work is dying and that companies need to invest in creating better and more positive ‘experiential’ workspaces so that their employees stay motivated, innovative and thriving.

Source: Jim Meredith. (Detroit); May 2, 2011

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