Office Team recently conducted extensive research and consulted leading experts to create a picture of what the office of the future will look like in 2020.  This article brings readers an overview of this vision.  It’s going to be an increasingly mobile world, with WiFi, WiMax and future mobile technologies allowing employees to interact with each other virtually anywhere.  It’s a world that sees the increasing popularity of “plug and PW business centers” – instant offices available in commercial spaces that are wired and waiting to adapt to tenants.

The nature of employment is also expected to change as the percentage of contract workers rises at the expense of permanent employees.  Companies will then assemble project-based teams with collaboration enhanced by virtual conferencing technology.

Additional new technologies are speculated on that the Office Team study anticipates emerging in the near future.  This article also devotes space to a discussion of the skills and talents that will be required as well as the levels of creativity and innovative thinking that will be expected at every level of the organization in order to create a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Source: Diane Domeyer, OfficePro; Aug/Sep, 2005

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