This article contains the basic framework of an online presentation on the corporate culture of NASDAQ wunderkind Netflix. [The full presentation can be found on Jason Kottke’s website at]

This article isolates the important aspects of Netflix’s atypical corporate culture and highlights principles from each aspect of the culture that companies can use to their professional and financial benefit. The article begins with an examination of values, including judgment, communication, curiosity, innovation, impact, passion, honesty, selflessness and courage, and how they lead to trusting relationships and new discoveries. Readers are warned that actions inconsistent with those values should be closely questioned. Managers are advised to surround themselves with people who exude these qualities and thereby inspire those traits in others.

Additional topics include responsibility for one’s actions, long-term planning and the short-term steps that get you where you want to go. Above all, warns the author, never shy away from big challenges that push skills and abilities to the limit.

Source: Trent Hamm, The Simple Dollar (Blog); Aug 6, 2009

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