Imagine owning a luxury private work/living space 39,000 feet in the air complete with Internet access, video-gaming rooms and ferns that matched the color of the carpeting. Yes, you read correctly!

This article by Kirby Harrison humorously talks about how interior designers of luxurious private jets are getting more and more innovative at pandering to the demands of their super rich clientele.

Renovating and ‘lux-ing’ up big commercial models for private use easily costs upwards of $500 million. After buying a plane, the interiors are then constructed by third-party ‘completion centers’.

Design firms and completion centers like F Andrew Winch Designs in London, Gore Design Completions in San Antonio and Swiss cabin-completion specialists, Jet Aviation, don’t bat an eyelid when their clients ask for anything from videogame rooms, well-appointed offices, and spacious staterooms with private bathrooms to walls covered with live ferns.

So who are these buyers? From rich oil sheiks and oligarchs to high-flying billionaires. Apparently about 500 such luxurious private planes are in use and, at a minimum, offer great Internet connection.

The writer tongue–in-cheek would like to remind us that these luxury jets are strictly for the pleasure of their owners and not for corporate use. What would the board members and shareholders think!

Source: Kirby Harrison December 3, 2011

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