In this age of telecommuting, is it possible to have an efficient and well-designed workspace that keeps your employees happy and healthy, especially if they share the same office?

According to Kevin Kuske, general manager for Turnstone, an office furniture manufacturer that specializes in small and emerging companies, the key lies in thinking of your workspace design like an urban planner does a city.

“Vibrant cities have various zones—for play, concentration, collaboration, socialization and creativity. Every great workspace should, as well,” says Kuske. The office is about people solving problems together. Here are his tips for creating a space that fosters collaboration:

Think beyond the desk: It’s a proven fact that the more you move, the healthier you’ll be, both physically and psychologically. The human body is not designed to sit in a 90-degree posture from 9am to 5pm. Create an effective workplace that allows for standing as well as sitting, such as café-height tables for lunch or coffee breaks, traditional workstations, and sofa groups for meetings.

Your office is an extension of your culture and brand: When you are designing your office space, consider what you want to convey about your business’s personality and culture. A simple way to express your company’s personality is through use of color and the choice of furnishings.

Include an area for meaningful play: Having a game area in the office is a great stress buster for all. It also encourages team building.

Allow employees to design their own workspace: Allow your employees to design and decorate their space, as well as invite them to bring their pets.

Source:  Stephanie Vozza | Rethink Your Office Design: Designing a More Effective Workspace | March 11, 2013 |



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