Recognize The Symptoms Of Your Disengaged Workers And Use These Strategies To ‘Brighten’ Their Outlook

The premise of this article is that three cultures generally exist in companies, with the dominant group defining the overall culture:

  1. The Glazed Eye Group: Comprising about 54% of employees, members of this group lack spirit and vitality, preferring to dwell on why things cannot be done. They feel unappreciated and insignificant and look to others to fix problems. Neutral or mildly negative about the company, this group will drain an organization’s vitality if allowed to predominate.
  2. The Beady Eye Group: While this “actively disengaged group” represents about 17% of the corporate workforce, dealing with them takes a disproportionate amount of resources. They focus on problems and resist solutions. Angry, frustrated and blaming, their power is gained through cynicism and relentless resistance and their prime accomplishment is raising the stress levels of themselves and those around them.
  3. The Bright Eye Group: Comprising some 29% of the employee population, this “can-do” group is highly engaged and committed to the vision and values of the organization. Personal accountability and self-reliance are key traits of this problem-solving group.

Corporate culture directly affects productivity, creativity and profitability and the author declares that leaders cannot leave culture formation to chance. He offers an overall blueprint of six strategies for energizing and engaging employees and creating and sustaining a “Bright Eye Culture.”

Source: Eric Allenbaugh, HRMagazine; April, 2003

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