What goes into executing cool ideas? Can one’s workspace inspire the creative process? And exactly why is 40% of our productivity time wasted? This inspiring article delves into the Idea Execution Audit that explores the work processes of creative folk.

Premiered in early May at the 99% Conference, the findings reveal an insightful read into what hampers productivity in 2012. For instance, we spend more time solving other people’s problems, instead of coming up with solutions for ourselves. This ‘reactionary work’ includes responding to emails and calls, and takes up 5.5 hours out of our 9-hour workday.

Also, more work can be achieved in face-to-face meetings rather than through email, call or text interruptions. Open-plan offices, which were seen as the ideal way to work instead of cubicles, are great for face-to-face meetings but terrible at avoiding interruptions.

The Audit also revealed that behind every idea execution there was a ton of reworking. In other words, mistakes and iteration is good. The article is accompanied with fun poster-size infographics.

Source: Jocelyn K. Glei | The99percent.com

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