Today’s tech-driven society offers multiple ways for students to learn, gather information and be taught. Traditional versus modern methods of learning are at loggerheads with one another.

In this exciting era of education, not only are conventional ways of learning being challenged, but also spaces in schools and colleges where the learning takes place are being reassessed.

To meet this new exciting challenge and demand, we’re offering a Test Drive Program to help educational institutions understand and try out our line of active learning furniture, and see if it’s the right fit for your classrooms.

This not only saves you invaluable implementation time and money, but also allows you to garner experiential feedback firsthand from your faculty and students, and see your space differently.

We have three different active learning solutions that can be experienced on a trial basis by students and faculty:

  1. Node seating
  2. Verb tables
  3. Media:scape

This program is a great opportunity for educators and students alike to participate and engage with one another using our furniture and, to gain crucial feedback on the evolution of the classroom.

Why try out the Test Drive Program

Conventional classroom standards have not changed for generations, but the way students learn and process information today has undergone a complete transformation. Learning has revolutionized massively in a short space of time thanks to technology. Students are more proactive and nimble when it comes to seeking their knowledge sources. Faculty at all educational levels are shifting pedagogies in the classroom.

For example, it is no longer the norm to deliver a semester of curriculum from the stage in a standard lecture format. The research is clear: With student engagement there is a higher retention of content. As a result, it is necessary that the technology and the space come together to support the active learning process, which allows for collaboration, co-creation, teamwork and peer-to-peer experiences.

To arrange a test drive contact your local Atmosphere office.

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