The author of this article believes that telecommuting at least one day a week is one solution to the high cost of gasoline. A brief discussion of the benefits of lowered commuting costs and easing stress levels is followed by an admission that getting permission and support for telecommuting is no easy matter. The author cautions those interested to plan ahead. He offers a number of tips to those interested in telecommuting that will help to position them with their employers and prepare them for the privilege of working from home. Among the more interesting suggestions:

  • Accumulate work tasks that require quiet concentration and take them home to work on them one or two days a week.
  • Communicate with both managers and colleagues as to what specifically you’re working on, and, when you return to the office, what you’ve accomplished.
  • Create personal work rules that help to establish discipline and concentration.

Source: Michael Dziak, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; Sep 5, 2005

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