The author of this article wonders aloud who is coping better in today’s marketplace – those laid off and competing for jobs or those left behind shouldering more work and responsibility while waiting anxiously for the next round of layoffs. The article focuses on ways that managers are working to maximize staff time and potential and develop a creative and productive workforce focused not on passing along layoff rumors but on improving the company bottom line.

Several experts are tapped to offer readers strategies for revitalizing their stressed out employees, including:

  • Over-communicating with your team – with honest and updated status reports on staffing issues to quash rumors and dampen alarm.
  • Keeping employees engaged and motivated – by asking their advice on cost-cutting and new revenue areas.
  • Assessing talent – to ensure that people are in the right spot to perform at capacity.
  • Letting staff know they are valued – by recognizing their contributions and acknowledging their unique qualities as non-monetary ways to build morale.

Source: Brittany Hutson, Black Enterprise; June, 2009

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