Coffee Shop ‘Offices’ And Telecommuting Are On The Rise, Trend Spotters Predict

This article warns that Wi-Fi shops and other “defacto offices” will be far more crowded in 2007 as people start setting some boundaries between their hectic careers and their personal lives.  “It’s a way of getting out of the home offices.  We need to walk out of the front door to go to work.”   Trying to slow down and separate home and work is looming as one of the big trends of the year.  Exacerbating this situation is another trend spotted by this author – the number of telecommuters will rise in 2007 because people want to avoid “supercommutes” in an era of high gas prices and environmental concerns.  The authors advice?  Arrive early to secure a good spot!

Source: Joyce Gannon, Pittsburgh Post Gazette; Jan 1, 2007

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