Green energyThis article explores the ways in which a number of Minneapolis companies are living their values by developing sustainability strategies at the office space level. The companies profiled include an LEED-certified law firm, an architectural firm applying for LEED certification and a property management company. The tactics employed by these firms are varied and include:

  • The strategic use of glass throughout offices to distribute natural light (and cut down on light fixtures);
  • Occupancy sensors in conference rooms, individual offices and restrooms;
  • Recycled office furniture and carpets;
  • Hands-free faucets and flush valves; and
  • Subsidized public transportation passes.

The article stresses that company concern goes beyond cost-savings to include “the triple bottom line for environmental, economic and other community benefits.” While some companies may not be considering LEED certification, the Mississippi Headwaters [the Minnesota Chapter of the U.S. green Building Council] offers helpful guidelines that can be used to create a plan that gradually replaces fixtures with more energy-efficient ones as they wear out. Additional tips for sustainability efforts are provided at the end of the article.

Source: Anna Pratt, Finance And Commerce Daily Newspaper, Mar 12, 2009

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