It’s hard to justify purchasing new office furniture in a recession but the author of this piece thinks spending $729 on a Steelcase Think Chair could be a wise investment. The chair design features two trade-marked mechanisms developed by Steelcase after consultation with the University of Vermont’s Back Research Center.

Flexible metal bands in the chair’s back move with and support your back while the reclining apparatus under the seat ensures a smooth, jerk-free transition from sitting upright to leaning backward. Arm rests can be adjusted to move closer to your body and can also move forward or backward with a nudge from your elbows – great for shifting from your keyboard to answering your phone. Although there are no complicated levers, users can “program” their favorite chair positions with an analog, manual knob.

The author talks about her experiences with her Think Chair, including the disappearance of some writing-related injuries despite an increase in her typing. Her only complaint – she found she took fewer breaks and worries about the health consequences of longer sitting sessions.

The latest features of the Think Chair are discussed, including new colors in a soft knit fabric. The author notes that the price is “a bit of a luxury right now” but believes that its functionality, ergonomic comfort and “striking appearance” make it a great value.

Source: Reena Jana, Business Week Online; Apr 30, 2009

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