Banks and other businesses in Mexico City are using EPC passive UHF tags to track office furniture, and are testing a system that uses active tags to detect when specific office areas are in use.

It’s often difficult to locate office furniture or ascertain when specific office areas are in use. Steelcase Mexico is now providing its clients with asset management solutions that help them track the locations of their furniture and office equipment.

The passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) EPC Gen 2 RFID tags, which are attached to the underside of chairs, make inventory management more efficient. They transmit a unique ID number to a handheld device, or to a fixed reader installed as a portal within the user’s office space.

The company is also creating active RFID tags that can detect when office chairs are moved. This information is used to gauge when and for how long a specific area within the office is being occupied.

A user can now quickly evaluate whether conference rooms are being utilized to their full potential, or if fewer or more conference rooms are required. Steelcase Mexico’s RFID software stores that data and detects when any specific item is missing, or has been located in the wrong room or area of the office. The system does, in fact, reduce the amount of time spent checking inventory. In addition, several businesses are testing the active-tag solution for the purpose of office space management and for maintaining real-time security.

Source: Claire Swedberg RFID Journal January 5, 2012

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