Steelcase spent two years and $10 million to develop its new Think office chair, launched at this years’ NeoCon. According to Steelcase, the Think chair is a result of the recent economy and customer demands for a chair offering many of the Leap chair ergonomic benefits and functions at a lower price – from $600 to $1,000.

The article notes that the Think chair is environmentally friendly. It is made of 99 percent recyclable materials and 41 percent recycled materials. It uses no PVC.

The chair features intuitive controls that react to a user’s posture, weight and movement – hence the name, because the chair seems to think for the user.

The chair’s backing is made of thin metal cables and a mesh material, known as “technical knit,” to support the user while allowing air flow. It comes in six colors.

Source: Mick Sanchez, Grand Rapids Business Journal; June 21, 2004

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