Architectural trends are shifting as the economy begins to recover. Innovation is now geared toward sustainability and new technology rather than the “spectacle” buildings of the late 1990s and early 2000s and architects are focusing more on urban planning, civic projects, and the creation of public space.

The author notes that pre-recession “eye-popping” architecture is giving way to a subtler aesthetic. She cites several examples of recent projects that offer a more straightforward, slimmed-down sensibility. While extravagant architecture likely won’t go away entirely, one architect comments that he doesn’t think we will soon see “another era where both private and public clients are so willing to engage in architectural innovation.”

Another growing trend in design is the increase in collaboration among architects and engineers. As opposed to the “starchitects” behind the iconic architecture from a few years ago, today’s generation of architects and engineers are blurring the boundaries among disciplines and working together on a macro level.

Source: Starchitecture: A Modest Proposal, Newsweek, by Cathleen McGuigan, June 11, 2010

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