Office design today is about encouraging the exchange of ideas. In meetings between designers and clients the talk is not about meeting rooms and cubicles but rather “idea generators,” deep thinks and media cafes. As noted by one expert quoted here, “Now design is about combining furniture, space and human behavior to facilitate the transfer of knowledge.” There is less focus on hard-walled offices and more about understanding the synergies of a collaborative office and the multi-tasking, ultra mobile workers who function best in the swirl of activities and conversations. Indeed, one-third or more of floor space is now dedicated to formal and informal collaborative spaces, including meeting rooms, project rooms or other common areas. The new urban worker is said to be a communal spirit who values eye contact, natural light and spontaneous conversations in a cheerful environment.

Source: Denise Deveau | National Post (Dawn Mills, Ontario); Jan 14, 2009, pFP11

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