Collaborative work and continual learning are key to Southland’s success as one of the nation’s largest building systems experts. Echoing design aesthetics from Southland’s California headquarters, this forward-thinking engineering and pre-construction hub allows for rapid-fire exchanges of ideas and information in team and individual work settings.

To truly inspire innovative thinking, Atmosphere teamed up with SmithGroup to make real Southland’s vision of a collaborative and flexible workspace for all.

Communal tables supplement traditional tables for group work, while shared private ‘travel offices’ allow employees to choose various settings to work in. Large conference rooms are able to morph into smaller ones at will, with mobile dividers and modular tables that utilize flexible technology connections. The break area opens into an outdoor patio space, allowing for ever greater choices for where teams can work throughout the day.

Design: SmithGroup

Photographer: Kevin Korczyk, K2 Creative

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