SOTO IIAccording to Steelcase research, it takes a mobile worker eight minutes from the time he sits down to set up and to become engaged in his work again.

It’s this research into the habits of mobile workers that led to the development of the SOTO II worktools (state-of-the-office), a collection of organizational and productivity tools by Details, a division of Steelcase.

Designed to enhance the experience of mobile workers, the SOTO II collection by Details will be launching during the winter of 2011.

“Mobile workers want to connect quickly and get working fast. SOTO II products encourage and allow this behavior by providing the right tools to welcome to the user to the workspace,” says Jody Hanson, general manager of Details.

“Connectivity, privacy, access to personal items and quick access to power are equally important to making a mobile worker feel comfortable.”

The collection includes worktools designed to be multi-functional, while optimizing space, boundaries and storage.

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