An analysis of the activities of Pfizer’s MBA staff three years ago revealed that they spent 20-40% of their time doing support work – creating documents, analyzing spreadsheets, researching and scheduling – rather than their actual jobs. Having just gone through a downsizing, company execs contacted outsourcing companies in India and worked with them to give them the capacity to provide these support services to Pfizer staff.

This article describes the process by which Pfizer and its Indian service provider break down project steps, clarify expectations and interface to define the purpose, price and procedure for each project. The results have been impressive enough that other large companies are now experimenting with support outsourcing within individual departments, while several U.S. conglomerates, perhaps sensing a coming thing, have
started to buy up the service providers themselves.

Source: Arianne Cohen, Fast Company (Boston); February, 2008, i122 p42

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