Rising gasoline prices are helping to spur growth in U.S. telecommuting, particularly in the government. At the same time experts note that more companies are realizing that people entering the workplace now – particularly generation-Y – have been raised in a mobile environment and desire greater flexibility on how and where they work.

This article notes that information-oriented jobs – research, accounting, editing, design – are best suited to telecommuting, thanks to the Internet. The key, according to the author, is to be disciplined, do the job and show results. She recommends that young workers just starting out avoid telework and instead familiarize themselves with the dynamics of the workplace and corporate culture. Likewise those who simply prefer the structure of a formal workplace or need to keep their work life and social life separate should avoid telework.

The article includes a list of benefits of telecommuting that accrue to both company and employee.

Source: Annmarie Geddes Lipold, Career World (Stamford); Oct, 2007

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