Researchers Studying The Effect Of Ceiling Height Found Higher Ones Stimulate Creativity, While Lower Ceilings Promote A Subject’s Attention To Detail

A study to be published in the August issue of the Journal of Consumer Research affirms what architects have intuitively long known – a person in a high-ceiling environment will process information in a more abstract, creative fashion, while those in a room with relatively lower ceilings tend to process in a more concrete, detail-oriented fashion.  This article discusses the study led by researchers at the University of British Columbia and the University of Minnesota and gives a brief overview of the field of “atmospherics,” which examines the ways in which people’s environment affect their thinking and well-being.  The article also explores some of the implications of this study, such as hospitals with post-surgery recovery rooms designed with tall ceilings that help patients focus on the bigger picture rather on momentary anxiety or pain.

Source: Shannon Proudfoot, The Ottawa Citizen (Ontario); May 5, 2007

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