An interesting article, the topic tackles the correlation between an unhealthy society and the lagging economy. This is very evident in the United States of America. As the writer, Ms. Bruce, correctly states, “We have a weakened economy and a population that’s growing less healthy with every passing day… and the healthcare costs of our people are now severely draining our economy.”

The author wonders whether disease caused by unhealthy behaviors, like smoking and obesity, can be prevented. These behaviors contribute to the most costly chronic diseases and add to our already expensive healthcare spending.

Technology just might have the answer to inducing behavior changes and impacting our healthcare problem—it has the ability to disrupt patterns in our lives, particularly the bad habits and mindless behaviors that contribute to poor lifestyle choices. Currently the market for digital health solutions is still in its early stages.

While mobile and technology solutions in health and well-being may seem like one is depending a little too much on social power to change behavior, healthcare providers and payors still need to pay attention and support these products. More importantly, they need to motivate or incent their consumers to use these as tools, which are designed to help them take better care of themselves and their families.

Technology and innovation have revolutionized and enhanced the basic ways in which Americans live. If used correctly, digital solutions have the power to teach us how to reshape our individual approaches to health and well-being, which is a positive approach take for the sake of our future. And the future of America.

Source: Jan Bruce | Is Healthcare the Next Fiscal Cliff? | February 2013 | Forbes Magazine


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