Pinterest, the mecca for DIYers and all things beautiful, has created a neat corporate culture for its engineers and designers. Their entire office, located in San Francisco’s ‘Design District,’ is uniquely designed to encourage their techies to use their hands and build fun projects to decorate their own personal workstations, instead of simply focusing on making great digital products for their customers.

In fact, the office’s beautiful interior design can be largely credited to projects created by Pinterest staffers during the company’s Make-a-thons, day-long hackathon-esque sessions that encourage everyone to halt work on their normal projects and do something out of their comfort zone.

TechCrunch TV Cribs toured the company’s headquarters to check out the crafty ethos o the employees. Check it all out in the embedded video.

Source: Coleen Taylor | Pinterest, Where Making Beautiful Stuff Is A Way Of Life | August 27, 2013 |


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