On-The-Job Massages And Boardroom Yoga

In our Type-A culture everyone talks about stress but no one wants to spend more than fifteen minutes relaxing before moving on to the next project. The result, according to this article, is a booming market in teaching stress management skills.

The multi-billion dollar costs of stress are well-documented, as are the better than three-fold increase in stress-related absenteeism, the 40 percent of job turnovers due to stress and the 60-80 percent of on-the-job accidents that are stress-related. In the face of these numbers some companies are offering employees everything from on-the-job massages and yoga sessions to off-site counseling.

The article pays tribute to the Husky Injection Moldings company of Aurora, Ontario, which offers daycare, a healthy food cafeteria, a wellness center complete with a naturopath, massage therapist and chiropractor, and a fitness center offering daily tai chi and yoga class.

Even more interesting than the range of classes is the return on this investment – a rate of absenteeism 40 percent below the national average and workers’ compensation claims that amount to one-fifth the national average. Notes the director of human services there: “The paycheck will always be a motivator, but we also want people to feel like they are part of something meaningful.”

Source: Deirdre McMurdy, National Post (Ontario), Jan 15, 2005

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