Panel Of Green Building Experts At Event In Minneapolis – Crunching Green Numbers

A panel of green building experts met in Minneapolis in late September of 2008 to discuss examples of how green building principles can result in long-term operational savings. Among the projects and studies discussed were:

  • A green roof for the Target Center (due in 2009) that will save the city over 20 percent on its cooling bill from June through September, as well as $76,000 annually saved from reduced storm water fees. The added building cost would be fully recovered through these savings in just over 5 years.
  • A 230,000-square-foot office project by Ryan Cos where $10,000 in additional building costs were paid for items like low-flow fixtures and dual flush toilets that will save nearly 880,000 gallons of water a year and yield operational savings of more than $3,500 annually. The building – a candidate for LEED Gold certification – is also expected to save over 30 percent in energy consumption and to reduce air pollution by 33 percent compared to a base line office building.
  • Dimmable ballasts, lighting controls at windows, direct/indirect pendant lights and evaporative cooling RTUs are also discussed, as are their considerable savings potential and remarkably short payback periods.

Source: Brian Johnson. Finance And Commerce Daily Newspaper (Minnesota), October 3, 2008, p1

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