“Don’t sit so close to the TV, or you’ll go blind!” Whoever’s not heard this maternal warning is obviously in the minority. Practically everyone I know has had their moms yell this refrain at them when caught with their noses glued to the idiot box instead of their books.

Apparently, research today proves that all our collective mothers may have had it right as the number of eyestrain–induced glaucoma cases are on the rise. So would mom approve of all of the hours spent at digital screens today necessitated due to work or play?

Laptops, desktop computers, iPads, smartphones and their ilk have been found to be the biggest culprits of modern day eye malaise. Strain on the eye from computer use comes from several sources.

The first is a constant working distance typical of computer users. Another reason your eyes strain when using the computer relates to the quality of light emitted from the screen. As eyestrain affects normal vision, secondary problems may occur as well.

All this has resulted in what medical experts now refer to as Computer Vision Syndrome, which affects an estimated 150 to 200 million Americans, or 90 percent of computer users who work more than three hours a day on the computer. This interesting article offers us a few tips on how to reduce eyestrain and maintain good eye health.

Source: Robert Joyce, O.D. | 07/05/2012 | Huffingtonpost.com

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