Companies are turning to video technology to improve internal training and collaboration, and to expand external marketing programs. Examples in this article range from businesses that post internally created videos on YouTube and other social networking sites to large companies like manufacturer Rohn and Haas Company. They launched their own video site – called Prime Time – to provide its 15,000 employees access to training videos and a wide variety of topics supplied by their peers, while reducing travel and its attendant
productivity costs.

Rohn’s videos are created and run using the Studio hosted webcasting service from Interactive Video Technologies, Inc. The Studio tools “combine and synchronize audio and video, PowerPoint presentations and screen captures” with “one-click publishing” on the desktop and track the use of those videos once they are made.

This article talks about the video efforts and sites of a number of companies, all of which are launching videos to take advantage of the massive increase in traffic to video sites over the past few years – one survey found 48% of Internet users visited a video sharing site in 2007. The article also provides production and marketing tips.

With free video distribution on sites like YouTube and lower production costs – people don’t expect high production quality on these sites – even smaller companies are finding that the return on investment from video marketing is 10 times higher than the return from printed advertising.

Source: Heather Havenstein, Computerworld (Framingham); March 10, 2008, v42 i11 p14

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