These Firms Say Colorful Decor, Four-Legged Pals Alleviate Stress

The premise of this article is that workplace environment plays a key role in employee attitudes and productivity.  The Creative Group, a California-based firm specializing in staffing services, surveyed 250 executives from the nation’s largest advertising and marketing firms and found that more than half believe the office environment – including layout, décor and lighting – “greatly” affects creative output.

Other corporations are also learning that office space can make a difference and are continuing a move toward open work spaces and are building “natural gathering spaces” where employees from different departments can share ideas on related products they’re working on.

The article notes that personalizing one’s working environment seems to help with creativity and productivity and the author lists a number of efforts in that regard, from table tennis tables, pet dogs and live parrots to upside-down umbrella lighting fixtures.  Communal areas described range from bar and lounge areas to porches with hanging swings.

This article ends with a call to construct “creativity zones,” private sanctuaries and idea walls covered with paper and complete with jars of markers.

Source: Gail Appleson, Houston Chronicle; Jun 5, 2006

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