Atmosphere Commercial Interiors has fully renovated its office space in the Young Quinlan Building in downtown Minneapolis.  The contract interiors dealership redesigned a total of 29,000 sq/ft on the third and fourth floor. The updated space, now called a WORKLAB, was developed using a Best Place strategy.

Best Place recognizes that regardless of where our usual workspace is, many times through the work day, our work keeps us moving.  So we incorporated lots of collaborative and “third place” spaces to ensure all workstyles were supported, and creativity is nurtured. “Our WORKLAB provides the ability to move between individual time and collaborative time, having that rhythm between coming together to think about a problem, and then taking time to allow those ideas to mature,” says Carlene Wilson, President.

“As we were re-thinking our space, we applied the same tools and methods we use with our clients – meaning a focus that is first and foremost about the user. We analyzed our team members informal networks, gauged employee team member satisfaction with their current work environment using surveys and we sought input on the workspaces needed now and in the future,” says Kari Anderson, Insights Consultant.

Workplace issues such as employee engagement, technology changes, and workforce diversity are common among Atmosphere’s clients, and Atmosphere is no different. “Issues are often compounded and can be difficult to unpack. But we know that place shapes behavior, and creative work drives innovation, says Anderson. So, once the discovery phase has identified key issues, the conversation shifts to the connection between people, purpose and place. By linking business issues and goals to the built environment, space becomes the body language of the organization – leaving a lasting impression on anyone who visits or works in the space.

Terry Sullivan, Director of Smart & Connected Solutions at Steelcase, shared his thoughts on the technology strategy after a recent visit to the new space. “Atmosphere sees the value of the Microsoft and Steelcase partnership and chose to leverage the power of the Microsoft Surface Hub within their own freshly renovated workspace.”  The technology solution resolved several challenges, such as how to host guests who bring a range of devices into the space, with a myriad of presentation needs.  Additionally, with seven locations, continuous client meetings and international work, Atmosphere has high video-conference needs, and needed smart and simple solutions.  “They see the value of unlocking the creative potential of their geographically diverse teams,” says Sullivan.  “It was clear to me this space will shape how clients view the potential of their own work environments,” says Sullivan.

“We believe organizations can increase engagement and drive growth by providing thoughtfully curated destinations designed to fuel creativity and innovation. Our WORKLAB showcases how people and the physical environment are enriched by purpose, and how a culture of creativity can give organizations a competitive edge,” says Wilson.

About Atmosphere Commercial Interiors

Atmosphere Commercial Interiors is committed to fostering long-term business relationships. We have dedicated our rich history in the office furniture industry to learning the complexities of business and facility ecosystems. Our strong corporate culture, purpose, and operational focus drive results and fulfill our clients’ project and business goals.

We are proud to serve organizations around the globe of every size, from start-up to Fortune 500, and across corporate, healthcare, education, and hospitality industries. In addition, our focus on innovation and inspired solutions guides our partnerships with architecture and design, real estate and development, and technology industries.

With Steelcase, a global leader in workplace products and research, our comprehensive portfolio of products and services brings our clients’ spaces to life. In recognition of our ability to deliver the highest quality products, services and client experience, we are pleased to be a multi-year recipient of the distinguished Steelcase Platinum Partner Award.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, with offices in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Arizona, we are embedded deeply in our communities and passionate about providing world-class workspaces.

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