Rising Energy Prices Turn Spotlight On Conservation-Friendly Facilities

This article explores the cost savings provided by conservation-friendly facilities in the age of unfriendly energy costs.  A look at the headquarters of the Inland Empire Utilities Agency serves to illustrate the author’s point about how quickly extra costs in building “green” are paid back.   Since its erection in 2003, the headquarters of this public sector water agency in Chino, California has saved more than $800,000 a year in energy costs and plans to be energy self-sufficient soon.  The agency originally expected to realize a return on its design and solar panel costs by 2013 but will see it next year instead.

The Washington-based U.S. Green Building Council bemoans the fact that the emerging environmentally-friendly building trend remains mostly in the government sector, but expects that rising energy costs will soon push the trend throughout the private sector as well.

Source: Chris H. Sieroty, The Business Press; Sep 26, 2005

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