This fascinating interview with Lauren Geremia, an interior designer, is very indicative of changing trends in the corporate world with regards to office design. More and more companies, especially tech startups, are hiring interior designers to come up with cool workplace designs. Why? Because employees now see their work environment as an extension of their compensation.

Geremia has designed interior office spaces for US technology startups including Dropbox, Instagram, and Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt). She founded her firm, Geremia Design, in 2010 to change the way employers think about office design. She has also designed interiors for restaurants like Umami, and the homes of a few early Facebook employees.

Here’s what she has to say about her style, “The juxtaposition of new and old is just something we like to do. Our work is often called eclectic, but I think that people now design from what they have. It’s not like people are just using grandma’s furniture from the 1930s. People have retro 1950s Eames chairs with really old furniture. That’s the way it is. You use what you have and you tie it together with interesting art and furniture.”

Geremia’s Emeryville, California, firm is currently working with about three restaurants, 15 owners of private residences, and roughly six tech companies. In a shift from a few years ago, about 30% of the employees of her office design clients now want standing desks.

Source: Philip A. Stephenson | Meet the workspace designer for Dropbox, Instagram, and other Internet startupsDecember 29, 2013 | Quartz

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