Can office design improve communication between employees? This wonderful article explores why it’s important to redesign one’s workspace so employees can communicate and collaborate on projects.

With modern day stresses, employees have more than their fair share to deal with—from crazy deadlines and difficult clients to small budgets and even smaller staff to complete jobs. But one area that is often overlooked is communication between employees. Keeping everyone connected is a major challenge. In the midst of all this tension, it is very easy to make mistakes due to poor or hurried communication.

A great and easy way to improve communication between employees is by redesigning your existing space.  Millenials gravitate toward open floor plans with collaboration areas and natural light features as that falls in line with their values of sustainability and community. But according to a 2008 Asia-Pacific Journal of Health Management, open floor plans increases blood pressure and staff turnover.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing an office for communication:

  • What type of work are your employees doing?
  • What technology does your office use?
  • How many meetings happen because of chance run-ins at the watercooler?
  • What is the breakdown of personal versus public space?
  • How much work is collaborative?
  • What personality types exist in the office at this current time? Inverts versus extroverts, and so on?

These are a few good questions to ask yourself before you pick up the phone and call an office interior designer.

Source: Krista Bedosky | Improve Communication Through Office Design | Turnstone

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