This article explores modern office design trends. It declares that today’s office designs and layouts are driven by (1) holding down real estate costs, (2) maintaining and accelerating productivity and (3) managing emerging technology. There are fewer personal enclosed offices, more off-site working and telecommuting, and a growth in open office, bull pen and cubicle setups. Designers are using quiet zones, shared conferencing, client meeting areas and other design elements to help provide some degree of privacy. Noise and other distractions can be alleviated by up-front planning and the creation of high-density, high-productivity workspaces with modular group offices and standardized furnishings, accessories and equipment. The author notes that technology drives office layout and design, with many companies spending more on technology than on their office space. The challenge is planning for future technology needs so companies are ready for the next wave of change.

Source: Eileen Beal, Crain’s Cleveland Business, May 21, 2001

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