I hate my officeThis article begins with an interesting question: ‘Have you ever typed “I hate my office” into a search engine?’ The author then humorously goes on to tell us that unlike traditional employees stuck in an office, coworkers in comparison have the freedom to design their space to their comfort level. He shares with us a few tips on how to make our work zones a little bit more comfortable.

For instance, sitting on the right chair can make a world of difference to our derrières (especially after 8 hours of straight sitting) and we don’t even have to shell out big bucks to be ergonomically right. Or, how to work in a noisy office without feeling the need to banish our coworkers into a closet.

Or, how the right size desk has enough room for a laptop, morning latté, papers to spread out, files to toss down, color code paper clips neatly…you get the idea.

Source: Carsten Foertsch. www.deskmag.com (Germany): July 7, 2011

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