In this day and age when handwriting has been replaced by typing, Google has created technology to bring it back. They have now added new handwriting input tools to Gmail and Google Docs.

Here’s how it works: The tools allow you to write out what you want to say with a mousepad or cursor and Google will try to create a typed version of your words. An input box will provide you with options of the most likely matches for your word. For instance, if you write the word ‘cats’ on the screen, the box will display possible words like: cats, rats, Cats, oats, and carts. Click on the right one and keep on writing.

The tools work well in English, but it’s a bit more complicated with those languages that use symbols or character, like Japanese or Hindi. Gmail users can get the new tool in more than 50 languages, Google Docs users in more than 20.

According to Google’s Xiangye Xia ,”Handwriting input makes the Internet easier to use by people worldwide and is also part of a larger effort to break the barrier between languages.”

In addition, Google already has handwriting support in place for its mobile translation apps. So you can scrawl a word on the screen and see it instantly in another language—a very useful app to have if you were in a country where you don’t understand the language.

Source:  Heather Kelly | Google Letting You Hand-Write Your e-Mails | October 23, 2013 |

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