More Than A Quarter Of Employees Think More Employees Are Calling In Sick With Fake Excuses Due To Stress Tied To The Recession, Finds CareerBuilder’s Annual Survey

A new nationwide CareerBuilder’s survey points to the economy as a major factor in workplace absences in 2009. Among the findings discussed in this article:

  • 32 percent of workers have called in sick at least once when they were well.
  • Some employers (29 percent) responded to this phenomenon by checking up on sick employees, with 15 percent having fired an employee for missing work without a legitimate excuse.
  • 63 percent of surveyed companies let employees use sick days for “mental health” days, finding that it leads to more productive employees.
  • While 12 percent of workers played hooky to catch up on work-related projects, more were found that needed to go to doctors appointments (31 percent), needed to relax (28 percent) or to catch up on sleep (16 percent).

Source: Science Letter (Atlanta); Oct 20, 2009

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