According to this communication by Forrester Research, 21 percent of US adults currently work from home, while 80 percent of business travel organizers polled in 2008 believe business travel is set to increase exponentially over the next 12 months. The author believes that this shift is helping to launch a new generation of communications tools to efficiently and effectively address changing business needs. One example of this change is the replacement of landline telephones with cell phones. Twenty percent of US adults do not have landline phone service in their home, with most of these relying on cell phones for communication. Another is the increased use of data card-equipped laptops that offer flexibility that a cable-tethered PC does not.

The author notes that a major impediment to this natural progression is spotty and unreliable cellular reception that can periodically cut e-mail and Internet access and interfere with communication with the office as well as with clients. The article explores the growing role of cellular amplifiers in reducing these problems, notably Wilson Electronics’ new SignalBoost Mobile Professional. Signal ranges are extended, data transfer rates are increased and mobile professionals stay connected.

Source: Wireless News, September 26, 2008

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