On October 25 Canadian developers visited the University of Minnesota’s “Green Building North” event hosted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research and the Consulate General of Canada. They came to share their vision of a cutting-edge green building designed specifically for cold weather climates.

The 690,000 square foot 22-story Manitoba Hydro head office being built in Winnipeg will be 60 percent more energy efficient than a modern conventional building. It features a balanced geothermal heat pump system with ventilation provided naturally by a six-story indoor winter garden whose airflow system provides 100 percent fresh air 24/7 year round.

This article gives a background on the project and provides readers with a fact sheet of innovative design elements that Manitoba Hydro executives hope will earn them LEED gold certification. Given the similar climate challenges, this Winnipeg building could serve as a model for future offices construction in cold-weather elements.

Source: U.S. Newswire (Washington), Oct 25, 2007

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