In this day and age of minimal space, technology seems to be taking the place of large hospital equipment. Tech is more portable, accessible and adjustable. And far less cumbersome and time consuming.

GE Healthcare, with its latest solutions, directly addresses clinicians’ fast paced lifestyle—allowing them to be nimble and diagnose patients more efficiently.

Discovery IGS 740 Imaging System

A very flexible and accessible rail-free, laser-guided premium interventional X-ray system, the machine is designed to bring high-quality imaging and complete workspace freedom to interventional radiology procedures. Read more

Venue 50 Portable Ultrasound

This tablet-style ultrasound helps boost diagnostic precision by delivering crisp images quickly with the intuitive touch user interface of a tablet. Read more

Vscan with Dual Probe

A pocket-sized ultrasound with the first-of its kind 2-in-1 probe, this nifty little device allows clinicians to see both shallow and deep views of the body without changing probes. Read more

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Source: Marketwatch | “Doc be nimble, Doc be quick…” Eliminating obstacles for radiologists with mobility and accessibility | December 4, 2014 

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