They are almost here ready to invade the work force! Meet the millennial generation with their mobile tech savvy and lofty ambitions of having a better quality of work life than their parents. This lot of employees are not interested in a regular 9 to 5 job with the usual corporate perks. They want more. And employers are willing to cater to their demands.

According to experts, millennials will make up more than half of the workforce in 5 years, thanks to baby boomers hitting retirement. Word on the street is that this will apparently greatly influence how office space will be reconfigured.

Ryan Bartos, managing director of Savills Studley, a national commercial real estate firm predicts, “This demographic is changing how these companies make real estate decisions and then how they actually occupy and build out their space.”

Companies are attempting to create office space that is more inviting to millennials by offering more amenities. One of the perks Gen Y is looking for are collaborative workspaces that are easily accessible to public transportation and the freeways. Companies desperate to hire competent staff are bending over backwards to accommodate this simple demand. Wide-open floor plans promote social interaction as opposed to cubicles.

It doesn’t just end there. Companies are getting rid of large conference rooms in favor of holding meetings in break rooms. Some are even throwing in gaming rooms, fully catered lunch menus, and even laundry facilities. “A lot of those things are playing into the decision-making factor a lot more these days than solely based on cost,” says Matt Coxhead, a commercial real estate broker.

So what exactly is our new force of workers looking for? In one word: Culture. Companies will find more loyalty amongst millennials if companies provide them with the right environment.

It looks like office culture now has a premium space in the job acceptance arena. And talented millennials are wielding more power than employers. (image via Shutterstock)

Source:  Amy Edelen | Millenials Fuel Trends in Office Space Design |  February 26, 2015 |

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