Office Team, an international administrative staffing company, prepared a report, “Office of the Future 2020: The Evolution of the Workplace and the Skills Needed to Succeed.” Based on research and expert interviews, the report includes a section addressing jobs of the future. This article offers readers a look at the fourteen jobs expected to be highest in demand. Some, like “Compliance Officer,” “Electronic Security Specialist” and “Facilities Manager” are obvious. Others, however, offer a bit of surprise, including:

  • “Knowledge Manager” – With baby boomers leaving the workplace en masse and younger workers job hopping, companies will use this person’s services to “capture information and knowledge that could be irretrievably lost.”
  • “Workflow Coordinator” – Shifting alliances among diverse business partners will require someone to oversee project tasks across companies and departments, helping teams to meet deadlines and objectives and hiring and supervising contract help.
  • “Instructional Coordinator” – Ongoing employee training will require developing relationships with colleges and universities to bring courses on-site and online.

Source: Susan Fenner. Office Solutions (Boston); April, 2008, v25 i41 p1

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