IIDA Members – Atmosphere & Steelcase

Minnesota – IIDA Northland

Board Members

  • Heather Olson, IIDA, CID, LEED AP – Steelcase, President
  • Ingrid Youmans, Industry IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED AP – Coalesse, Vice President Communications
  • Carissa McNulty, Workplace Consultant, Forums Director


  • Stephanie Borens, Senior Client Coordinator, Sports & Hospitality


Board Members

  • Stacy Wieme, Senior Interior Designer, Madison, President Elect
  • Amy Nagy, Senior Interior Designer, Madison, Co-Director – Madison City Center
  • Zach Denton, Associate Designer, Madison, Director of Associate Members

Arizona – IIDA SW

Board Members

  • Corinne Wetten, Senior Interior Designer, Phoenix, is the VP of Membership
  • Allison Ferraro, A&D Consultant, Phoenix, current member and past board member

Committee Members

  • Brieanna Bonnstetter, Design Team Lead, Phoenix
  • Jules Hakalmazian, Steelcase, Phoenix


  • Tracy Corona, Senior Interior Designer, Phoenix
  • Melissa Machain, Interior Designer, Phoenix
  • Larissa Ross, Interior Designer, Tucson
Carissa McNulty, IIDA, CID - Atmosphere
Carissa McNulty, IIDA, CID – Atmosphere

As the Forums Director, my role is to develop a diverse array of tours, lectures and presentations for the Interior Design community.  I (along with my co-chair) lead a committee of 5 volunteers to develop 7-9 events throughout the year.  I am responsible for managing the Forums budget for the year and allocating the funds appropriately for each event.  Typical tasks that our committee takes on include: collaborating with our industry to find out about potential events, coordinating with the A&D community and venue, catering, coordinating event sponsors, marketing the events, and various day of responsibilities to ensure we have a successful event. Volunteers on our committee typically spend 4-6 hours per month and my co-chair and I typically spend 10-14 hours per month on Forums related responsibilities.  The Director and Director Elect attend monthly board meetings, in which we update the board on committee progress, succession plan and vote on any new programs or events that were not previously budgeted for.  We also spend time on leadership development activities.

I wanted to be on the IIDA board to increase my leadership skills and network with other individuals in our industry. I have been involved with IIDA since college and have enjoyed meeting new people and organizing events and programs to enrich our members experience. It has allowed me to get to know all of the board members on a deeper level than I would have by only attending events.  My role in IIDA has been beneficial to my position at Atmosphere by helping me develop relationships in the A&D community and learn about new and upcoming projects happening in our area.


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