If your boss is anything like Michael Scott from The Office, working from home might sound like a dream come true.

When you work from home, you can go to work in your pajamas but you may be missing out on the perks of a company office. In an office, you’re privy to tech support, a multitude of resources that keep you productive and, most importantly, face-to-face interactions with coworkers that help you be a better team member.

So what can you do to make where you live a better place to work? No, we don’t think you should install an energy drink vending machine – but you should follow our five easy tips to increase productivity at home.

Choose your chair wisely – It’s all about ergonomics. And even if you don’t know what that word actually means, you’ll know immediately if your chair doesn’t support your back or makes you get up so often that you barely get work done. So take the time to look for a supportive chair. You want to be as comfortable as possible.

Get organized – Whether you tend to pile or file, equip your home office with storage components that will allow you to put things away, labeled and neat.

Tech support – In a country where a day without Internet or a stable phone connection is catastrophic, it’s important to stay connected. Managing your connection to the outside world is one of the most vital aspects of the workplace. So if your home office implies physical isolation from clients or co-workers, technology must provide a seamless connection to the people and programs that will make your hard work visible.

Brighter isn’t always better – You can’t focus when bright bulbs are beaming down at you all day – your office shouldn’t feel like an interrogation room. Open your shades for natural light. If outside light isn’t an option, use ambient overhead lighting and a desk lamp. Dimmable, energy-smart lights won’t drain your energy bill or leave you with stinging headaches.

Don’t take work “home” with you – Make a clear boundary between your office and the rest of your living space. If you don’t have a separate office, use a room divider or partition wall to separate your workspace from your living space. Room division works both ways – so place that TV (and its remote) out of reach or eyesight.

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