2012 is Steelcase’s year! With its ongoing centennial celebrations plus growth reports of about 19% in the last two years, the furniture company has a lot to cheer about. Its share of the U.S. contract furniture sales market alone has climbed to more than 20 percent. This speaks a lot about the success of CEO Jim Hackett’s future-focus strategy, which plays up the use of technology.

While the traditional concept of working is slowly evaporating, as mobile employees are finding more creative ways to get their work done away from the office space, Hackett is smart enough to recognize that offices will never entirely disappear.

“Technology won’t stop us from coming together to collaborate and innovate, he says.” Steelcase will always use emerging work trends to guide their research and design innovation and, “…translate these insights into products and applications for customers.” The goal is identify what the new work force needs to get their job done effectively and efficiently.

Steelcase’s growth has also come from expanding its reach beyond the traditional office environment to hotels, classrooms and health care facilities—and they’re applying this same future-focus strategy to grow their European markets.

Source: Shandra Martinez | July 12, 2012 | mLive

View From Cubicles to Cafe Tables video at the Wall Street Journal, an interview with CEO James Hackett of Steelcase.


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