Mobile social media can leave you pretty open to identity theft. Whether you like it or not, the fact remains that despite firewalls virus scans, your personal and financial data are exposed to risk over unsecured mobile devices. Fortunately there now exists easy-to-use security software for all your mobile devices that’s designed to not only protect all your digital property but save your sanity as well.

It’s a known fact that mobile devices improve productivity. It’s also a known fact that mobile devices can be hacked into, thus risking your livelihood. Hackers can easily infect your network, hardware, operating system, and favorite apps. Some professions like healthcare, law, and finance demand data security…and failure to do so can result in some pretty stiff penalties. Accessing Twitter and Facebook from the same phone that you use for business puts you at risk to hackers breaking in. If you seek the ability to work and play from the same device, then you should be looking for a robust security software that can protect data as it moves through the entire data ecosystem.

When it comes to personal security, everyone is vulnerable to hackers thanks to malware—malicious software, often accessed through a bogus link. These are commonly associated with Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and other public sites. Bad links on social media is common and you know when your account is hacked. But imagine the catastrophe when you lose a phone, especially one that automatically logs on to Facebook, Twitter, G-chat, and other social media. Your friends could begin receiving messages that look like they’re from you, plus they could inadvertently supply data thieves with the information they need to hack into your financial accounts.

Even with security software, you need to be aware of what kind of information you’re making available when accessing social networks, especially through a mobile device. Seemingly unimportant information—like where and when you eat out—can provide insight to cyber-crooks, who can use it to compile a profile of your life through public comments, posted photos, and personal information that you willingly release, like your phone number, address, or school and work locations. Social media leaks are, unfortunately, a fact of life and you need to be fully secured against it.

You are the most important factor in your security as you use social media on mobile devices. By prioritizing data security, purchasing security software, and monitoring your habits, you can create a nearly impenetrable wall against hacking. Today’s security software must not only protect PCs but also mobile phones, tablets, thumb drives, network cards, and data stored in the cloud. Good security software should protect everything from the cloud, down through the network, and into the actual hardware, operating system, and applications. Your security software should also scan all of your apps to show what kind of data they are accessing on your phone. It should also scan all of your social networks, email, and text messages for attacks.

Source: Content Works | The Risky Business of Mobile Social Media | October 2012 |

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